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Bodegas Señorío de La Estrella

Located in a privileged environment, surrounded by vineyards, next to the monastery of la Estrella, a short distance from Briones, the Castle of Davalillo and the nucleus of San Asensio, La Rioja, Spain.
Bodegas Señorío de la Estrella was born in 1987 in the heart of Rioja Alta, bringing together a group of historical harvesters from San Asensio, who elaborated in their own wineries and as a response to the great challenges and opportunities that were coming with the entry into Europe. The co-operative is currently formed by more than 160 partners who deliver all their grapes to the winery. Other peculiarities are that the winery only produces grapes from its partners and is included within the Rioja Qualified Designation of Origin.
The production area is centered on San Asensio and on certain plots bordering the adjacent municipalities of Briones, Hormilleja, Hormilla and Nájera, which have traditionally been cultivated by the owners of San Asensio.
The vineyards are the productive core of San Asensio with two major milestones:
Firstly, the plateau of Valpierre that limits to the south, south-west of the population municipality, which has an altitude of around 600 meters. They are deep terrain, mostly ferrous clay, small poor alluvial areas, flat for the most part and very exposed climatologically to the Demanda Mountains range.
On the other hand, land on slopes that lead from the plateau of Valpierre to the valley areas, with altitude between 580 and 490 meters above sea level, with plots of medium or small vineyard delimited by banks and trees., mostly limestone clay, shallower, where the oldest vineyards of the municipality are located.
This is the transition zone towards the valleys, delimited by the two great rivers of the region, the Ebro to the north and the Najerilla to the east, flowing the later into the Ebro in Torremontalbo.
The valley of the Ebro River is located at an altitude between 400-450 meters, its orography is flat and with light hills. The soils mostly limestone and shallow clay.
In the valley of the Najerilla River to the south-west, the altitude is around 450 meters altitude, the terrain is deep and ferrous clay soil, being alluvial in the vicinity of the river.
The spaciousness of our facilities, equipped with the most modern means, allow us to house a capacity of 5,800,000 liters,respecting the traditional processes of elaboration.