These e-catalogs are a tool that allows cooperatives to reference their innovative products.

It may be an innovation related to sustainability (an innovative product, or an industrial process that contributes to sustainability, an innovative use of new information and communication technologies, innovation related to packaging…).

Innovation is also considered from the marketing perspective, focused on electronic commerce, green marketing as well as official certifications of quality and endogenous character of the product.

Consumers and distributors can take this e-catalog as a source of information, with the aim of delving into the different entities and their products and cooperative values.

This tool also provides information on production and consumption trends, which facilitates the exchange of knowledge.

Cooperativies and SME from the 6 regions that between 2016 and 2018 took part in AGROSMARTcoop had the opportunity to highlight their innovative products

You can access the e-Catalog in Spanish, French or Portuguese.